2004 Cirrus STEEL EDITION SR22
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N67SA is a Cirrus SR22 aircraft was a 2018 Steel Edition model. However, it was completely refurbished in 2018, making it a like-new aircraft. With this refurbishment, the plane offers exceptional value to potential buyers. The aircraft is also in for a fresh annual at Steel Aviation in September. It is the perfect time to purchase the aircraft. If you want to learn more about this aircraft and its features, we encourage you to call us.
All representations in this advertisement are made by Seller. Steel Aviation has not inspected the aircraft or its logbooks, and strongly suggests that any Buyer arrange for a comprehensive pre-buy inspection of the same.
Aircraft Information
N67SA, a magnificent Cirrus SR22 Steel Edition, gleams with an irresistible sporty imperial red metallic hue. The sleek Sterling Silver accents only enhance its vibrant color, which effortlessly blend into the aircraft's design. As if made for speed and style, this beauty gracefully ascends through the endless azure skies, captivating onlookers with its undeniable elegance. Freshly painted in 2018, this Cirrus SR22 has been meticulously cared for, spending its days safely nestled within a hangar. Consequently, the aircraft's like-new condition is remarkable, its glossy surface is like looking into a mirror. With every inch meticulously polished and buffed to perfection, the plane exudes an intoxicating allure, grabbing attention wherever it ventures. As the modern embodiment of luxury and performance, N67SA's exterior radiates utmost sophistication. Its bold exterior color choice underscores the sense of adventure that lies within, hinting at the excitement that awaits those who step aboard. With its vibrant red accents exquisitely contrasting against the silver backdrop, this Cirrus SR22 Steel Edition is a testament to the impeccable craftsmanship and unrivaled beauty that sets it apart from the rest.
The SR22 N67SA is a sleek and stylish aircraft with a sporty black leather interior, adding a touch of luxury to its design. The interior is in pristine condition, showcasing its elegance and high-quality craftsmanship. The black leather seats are visually appealing and provide superior comfort during flights. The cabin space offers ample room for passengers, ensuring a spacious and relaxing journey. The aircraft is well-maintained, reflecting its excellent condition and performance. With its style, comfort, and overall quality, the SR22 N67SA is a superior choice for those seeking a luxurious flying experience.
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