2015 Cirrus Cirrus SR22 G5
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2015 Cirrus Cirrus SR22 G5 - FOR SALE

This plane should be your next Cirrus. This plane is not for the bargain hunter. It is for someone who appreciates quality and is not afraid to pay for it—discriminating buyers only. The engine was installed per our Steel Edition protocol. It has a FACTORY new engine, New Hartzell Composite propeller, New Prop Governor, New engine mounts, New EGT/CHT probes, New Boost Pump, New Heat Exchanger, New Mufflers, New Alternators, New Batteries, New Brakes, Rotors and Tires. N824KB has an fantastic useful load as well. The plane is in incredible condition. Again not the cheapest one on the market but probably close to the best at this price point. Call us for more details. Full warranties on all overhauled components including the engine.
All representations in this advertisement are made by Seller. Steel Aviation has not inspected the aircraft or its logbooks, and strongly suggests that any Buyer arrange for a comprehensive pre-buy inspection of the same.
Aircraft Information
The plane has been hangared it shows well. It is a carbon aircraft Sterling Silver with red and black accent stripes it looks fast sitting still! We have applied a coating to the aircraft (not ceramic as Cirrus does not recommend ceramic coating their aircraft due to the potential for P Static issues) the plane looks shiny and shows very little wear. In excellent condition.
The black leather interior is in good condition also. The Cirrus interior is designed with the pilot in mind. The economics are perfect everything is within the pilots reach. The aircraft is incredibly comfortable for passengers. The 60/40 split seat feature allows you to fold down a seat and store items such as bikes, skis, and golf clubs with ease!
Equipment List
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